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    Every Tuesday 5 - 7 p.m

    Join us for a half priced BBQ dinner at our place every Tuesday between 5-7 p.m, for great food and even better great company.

    No need to book, just drop by and join the great food and good times.

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  • Breakfast In Fremantle

    Fremantle is a lively city in Western Australia, it is also known as the city of festivals and creativity because the population that lives here loves to celebrate just about anything that comes up. No matter when you happen to be in Fremantle, there will be some festival being arranged the same day or the next.

    It’s always a pleasure to visit Fremantle, the kind of coffee you find here is absolutely amazing. The location know as the Cappuccino Strip has some of the best restaurants and cafes that serve exclusive coffee, and have al fresco dining for breakfast, lunch and dinner. One of our good friends and partners in Fremantle is Mister Finch Cafe, they serve an amazing range of breakfasts and lunches 7 days a week!

    Fremantle has more than hundred restaurants and cafes, all serving the best breakfast items in Perth city!

    Because Fremantle city welcomes thousands of visitors every year, the choice of dishes for breakfast, lunch and dinner in Fremantle come from a number of local and international cuisines. The eateries in the city are flooding with items that you’d love to devour for breakfast.

    Scrambled eggs with your choice of bread or toast, poached eggs, toasties made from cornbread, fish especially salmon that’s often house cured at various eateries and each serving a unique taste of its own, pies, yoghurts, soups and a lot more other items other than these mentioned are always found at the local cafes and bed & breakfasts in Fremantle. For those who want a variety of options in their breakfast menu, the local markets in the city have complete food courts offering a range of cuisines under one roof. It’s up to you where you want to take a start from.

Partner Cafes In Fremantle

When in Australia and you plan on tasting the finest food, you shouldn’t miss out on visiting Fremantle. This town offers many eating locations including cafes, restaurants and eateries all set up with beautiful and mesmerizing views, some amongst the forest, others amongst the ocean and some along the streets bustling with activity. There is always something going on in Fremantle. Fremantle has a choice of restaurants and eateries you can take your pick from and enjoy delicious food, our partner Mister Finch Noshery serves some of the most delicious food you will find in the city of Fremantle and is quickly becoming one of the top cafes amongst ourselves. You simply cannot put the food down and do something else while you are eating at Mister Finch in Fremantle. They have the freshest produce that’s delivered on a daily basis which let's the taste come which is simply delicious. Take your pick of one of Mister Finch's delicious menu items, located in Fremantle and you will not know what you have fallen in love with, that is their exceptional promise.